barbara bartolome

She is Founder/Director of IANDS Santa Barbara. She is a two-time NDEr. Her first NDE resulted from a childhood illness at 18 months of age, when a high fever caused her to go into convulsions and stop breathing, which resulted in cardiac arrest. Her parents were so shaken, they decided not to ever mention this event to her. She finally heard about the event from her siblings in late 2008, long after both her parents had died, and 20+ years after she had experienced her second NDE. In 1987, Barbara went into cardiac arrest, at age 31, due to human error during a pre-surgery medical procedure, in Santa Barbara, CA. After she was resuscitated, she accurately recounted what she had seen and heard from her ceiling vantage point, but the hospital’s medical personnel declined to speak with her about the incident.

She buried the memories, chose not to talk about it, and rarely reflected on her NDE experience for 20+ years. She discovered the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation and the IANDS organization websites in late 2008. The research and growing acceptance of NDEs that she discovered through both organizations allowed her to begin assimilating her NDE experiences into her life and worldview. She now considers her NDEs as incredible, wonderful gifts to her life! Barbara founded IANDS Santa Barbara in August 2011 and is strongly committed to the IANDS organization's purpose of promoting responsible, multi-disciplinary exploration of near-death and similar experiences, their effects on people’s lives, and their implications for beliefs about life, death, and human purpose.