Mary Terhune

Mary has been in the healing arts for over 40 years, journeying as a registered nurse from allopathy to the consciousness-based medicine of homeopathy, body-centered therapeutic massage and Reiki. She studied at the Cambridge Institute for Muscular Therapy and the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy and has a degree in sociology from Boston College. After practicing in western allopathic medicine for over 15 years in various settings including hospitals, nursing homes and a medical practice, she discovered natural medicine out of the need to heal herself and her family. Mary also served as an international conference coordinator, office manager and administrative assistant for the Center For Theoretical Geo/Cosmo Plasma Research at MIT for 16 years. She has two daughters, five grand-children and two great-grandchildren. Mary currently lives near her family in a quiet rural area in New England. She practices meditation and has been studying Eastern philosophy. Mary has traveled to India and has a Self-Realized meditation master as her guide to the inner knowledge and experience of Self-Realization.

Mary self-published her book OUT OF THE BLUE, Jesus, Self-Realization, Death & Creation in 2007, documenting her spiritual awakening and numerous mystical encounters to share the universal truths that were revealed. In 2013 Wayne Dyer invited her as a surprise guest at his Divine Love Seminar in Maui and read from her book which Hay House will be publishing under a new title OUT OF THE BLUE, True Life Experiences of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation, with many new chapters in November 2015. Her spontaneous awakening began during a life crisis. She received revelations from Jesus and spiritual visions which transformed her consciousness and changed her life forever. A few years later she met a monk and received a spiritual initiation and a profound experience of Self-Realization. During that experience she received a message of Divinity for all Mankind. A few months later she had an encounter with Death during a meditation at MIT which dispelled all fear of dying. Many years later in 2006, Mary died of a heart attack and was miraculously brought back to life. She knew then that she needed to write the book. Her's is a message of transformation, hope, new paradigms of healing and the knowledge that Divinity awaits all Mankind and that there is no such thing as death.