NDE Chronicles

Natural-Bridges is developing an episodic series which will be a combination of a reality series and a dramatization. The reality portion will feature Raymond Moody and other NDE researchers examining the actual Near Death Experiences of individuals. Both through interviews and dramatization, each episode will include the subject’s personal history, circumstances surrounding their actual “death”, and what happened during the NDE. The pervading theme will emphasis the scientific and systematic approach that has characterized all of Dr. Moody’s research.

Raymond Moody joins UC Santa Cruz Faculty

Raymond Moody will be teaching a course on Near Death Experience at UC Santa Cruz in the 2015/2016 academic year beginning in the fall quarter. In connection with that position, Dr. Moody spoke at the Spring conference of the Brain, Mind, and Consciousness Society. The Brain, Mind, and Consciousness Society (BMC) is a unique interdisciplinary student organization committed to understanding human cognition, behavior and experience.